Thursday, December 31, 2009

hello 2010.

Available through our webstore now.
The end of 2009 today, brings us news of the Brothers/Mico split 10" making the TOP 10 LOCAL RELEASES OF 2009 from Seattle Weekly!!!! Much love to Hannah Levine who has been playing the hell out of all kinds of Violent Hippy product. We have also just hooked up with Scratch Records and Distribution of Vancouver, BC for Canadian distribution and sales, go canucks. Lastly, we are proud to announce the release of VHR007!!!!! From our punkster tacoma brothers C.F.A. comes an epic 7 song, 12 minute journey of pure awesomeness!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Argonaut - the wedding e.p.

There are several copies available at our webstore. Four songs from their last recording session with Ben Verellen. Good stuffs, maynard.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

pre-sale yo.

we are now selling the split 10" here- INNERWEB TUBE- STORE!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

VHR005- Brothers of the Sonic Cloth/Mico de Noche split 10"

It is here in our office, and it will be hitting the streets tuesday October 13th!!! A relationship that started back in the grunge days, Mike and Don first met Tad Doyle opening up for TAD with their old band Helltrout. After reconnecting recently we've decided to put out this amazing 10" split on virgin Czech vinyl, sporting artwork from Nat Damm and Aaron Edge. The release show is October 10th at the Comet in Seattle if you want to pick up a copy early, and enjoy the sweet sounds of Black Elk and Madraso as well!!!

VHR004- Over the Top Compilation

Amazing compilation of bands scattered across the globe. From Bleach (JP) to Redneck Manifesto (Ire.) and all points of America in between. The Sword, Gorch Fock, Migas, Mico de Noche, Argonaut, Le force, and many more....a Violent Hippy must have!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

VHR003- T-N-A/ Elevator Music

In the summer of 2004, Mike and Don played a show at the World Famous Bob's Jave Jive in Tacoma with soon to be good friends Trina and Annie (T-n-A, duh.), and we received a 'demo' that blew us away. Recorded by Ben Verellen (Helms Alee, Harkonen), these 4 songs take you on an epic ride spanning 45 minutes. Although the band broke up in 2006, this masterpiece is still avilable.

VHR002-Mico de Noche/BALLS DEEP

The dawn of ' noche'. Actually, Mike and Don had already released two fine CD's on defunct Austin label Perverted Son Records. Both masterpieces, of course, but there was more oil in the well. With the help of Jason Morales (producer/engineer of MdN's first 'Stripper Wars'), we put out VHR002 in conjunction with Buttermilk Studios/Records. White-hot ripper freak rock. Hits include: 'Cans', 'Rancho Ramona'